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Denpasar City - Bali Rent Car

Denpasar is capital province of Bali Province, visiting Denpasar is interesting and amazing to explore the urban life in Bali with all its local society activities. Some other places of interest are also visited on this tour like Kumbasari Traditional Market, Jagatnata Temple and Bali Museum.
It is one of the short tours in Bali, which takes around 4 -- 5 hours. The tour will bring you to the unique places like traditional market where you can see the local society perform their activities in the market. Rent a car in Bali either rent car self drive or rent a car with Bali driver then visit some tourist destination in Denpasar Bali to explore Bali traditional and urban life in Denpasar.
Let's joint Denpasar Bali City Tour to explore and see urban life of Denpasar city with its traditional culture and heritage, way of life and some tourist spot around Denpasar. We more than happy to provide you with rent car driven by Balinese tour driver that will inform you about the destination and place of interest during the trip. Rent a car self drive in Bali is an option for you who love adventure and enjoy Denpasar atmosphere.
Places of Interest Traditional Market
Badung Traditional Market located in the main road, Gajah Mada Street, is the center of the town’s economics. This area has become a shopping centre of Bali. This market cannot be discharged from the existing market across Badung’s river, called Kumbasari Market because the local society will feel that their shopping experience would be incomplete without going there to the Kumbasari Market, especially for the Balinese who want to buy their ceremonial items.
Kumbasari Market sells costume and clothing items at prices relatively cheaper than clothing items sold at the shops in Gajah Mada Street which are mostly owned by citizens of Chinese clan. Kumbasari Market was previously called Peken Payuk (pot market); it sold such items as gerabah (jar like pot), cobek (clay plates), paso (clay buckets), caratan (clay water jug), jeding (clay barrel), penyantokan (mixer from clay), coblong (clay cup), kekeb (rice cover) and others. All of these items are used as kitchenware and for ceremony. Since this market was most popular as a place to sell payuk pot, hence Kumbasari Market in the past was referred to as Peken Payuk or pot market.

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Bali’s Governor, Prof. Dr Ida Bagus Mantra, officially opened the Denpasar Market on 24 April 1984. This market area is about 14,544 M2 with an outdoor area of 9,064 M2. The building has four storeys. The local people who shop at this market are not only from environment of Denpasar community but also come from outside of town. In the days leading up to the big holidays like Galungan, Kuningan and others, this market is always crowded with buyers who are mostly from the local society.
This market is open around the clock - from 5 o’clock in the morning to close at 5 o’clock in the evening. Then, the evening market opens from 05:00 pm until 05:00 am the next day when the morning market starts again. Meanwhile the Senggol Market in Kumbasari opens at 02:00 pm and closes at 11:30pm.
The unique name of ‘Senggol’ Market is possibly taken from the situation and condition of people’s movement on shopping where they must jostle each other for position because of visitor denseness. This Senggol Market sells a variety of cheap foods from the Balinese, Javanese and Chinese cookery. It also sells various types of adult’s and children’s clothing.
The location of Denpasar Market is encircled by shops along the street of Gajah Mada. On the right side there is Sulawesi Street which is famous for textiles. Denpasar Traditional Market is progressively strengthening the identity of Denpasar’s economic center which is open 24 hours and is never silent or empty of visitors.
At traditional market, you will find transactions taking place between buyers and merchants with multifarious merchandise to satisfy life’s daily needs such as kitchen supplies, appliances required for Hindu ritual, fruits and traditional clothes. In this market, you will see the local people, especially the women who carry extremely heavy items in a big basket balanced on their heads.
Jagatnata Temple
Jagatnata Temple is the biggest Hindu temple in Denpasar town, which many Hindu people in Denpasar visit to pray, particularly on full moon and new moon. This temple is full of religious and artistic ornaments. In the center of temple area, there is a high temple building encircled by the fertile tropical garden. From the entrance gate to the temple building you will find the Balinese decorations full of meaning to Hindu devotees.
Bali Museum
Bali Museum is located right next door to Jaganatha Temple and in this museum you will find a lot of the ancient artifacts of prehistory which have very high artistic value. The collection in this museum provides a different experience on your tour. If the museum is not opened on the day of your tour, we will offer the alternative to visit Bali Art Center to see the biggest open theater in Denpasar town.
Bali Struggle Monument-Bajra Sandhi
This monument is erected in the middle of Denpasar civic center Renon. It is a symbol of Bali people’s struggle to gain independence after the Dutch Colonials retreated from this country. This monument immortalizes the soul and spirit of Bali people’s struggle. It also aims to take care of and develop and preserve the Balinese culture for future generations.

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