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Rent A Car in Sanur - Bali Indonesia

Rent a car self-drive is the best choice to explore Sanur, you can make your trip itinerary on pleasure, available auto gear car rental or manual transmission. Renting a car with a Bali driver is another option for those eager to relax and enjoy the Sanur daily life and surround, the driver will be more than happy to drive for you.
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What is Sanur

Sanur is the name of a fishing village on Bali Island located about 10 kilometers east of Denpasar City, the capital city of Bali Province. On Bali Map, you can find Sanur and Sanur Beach in the southern part of the island. In the 1930s, Sanur was the Beverly Hill of Bali with many rich and famous people having a lagoon area.

Administratively, Sanur is divided into 3 villages such as Sanur, Sanur Kauh, and Sanur Kaja, which belong to Sanur District, included in the city of Denpasar Municipality. There are a few hamlets in each village which are headed by the chief of the village or well known as Kelian Banjar. With its white sand, coconut trees, and some of the best international hotels, villas, and private guesthouses on the whole island just a few meters away, Sanur was first Bali's beach resort. Only a few hundred meters inland, it is a village traditionally run by the Brahmins - the priestly caste of Bali.
It is best known for the inland Brahmin communities of Taman and Anggarkasih inside an elaborately gated compound, who are believed to use magic. These people were also staunchly independent and when the Dutch landed in 1906 on their way to Denpasar, they allowed the troops to pass by peacefully, having a grudge against their rules, thus avoiding the Puputan ( battle until the last) tragedy.
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Sanur was for centuries an important trading place. Nearby Serangan (formerly an island) has a Moslem community of Bugis fishermen, who have descendants from the famous seafaring traders of old times. Many fast boat company that serve transfer to sister island of Bali such as Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan anchored their fast boat in Sanur, Matahari Terbit Beach and Mertasari Beach. They serve locals and tourists almost 4 - 5 times a day to those islands, ticket fast boat can be booked directly to their office in Matahari Terbit Beach or you can contact us for further assistance.
Tourism in Sanur began in the 1930s. Expatriates, writers, and other luminaries had beach bungalows there. After independence, the Dutch painter Le Mayeur lived in Sanur and gained fame for his affair with and married Ni Polok, one of the best dancers of his day. Le Mayeur's impressionistic work, while heavily damaged, can be seen at Le Mayeur Museum near Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel. Donald Friend, one of Australia's great artists also lived in Sanur until the 1960s. Sanur was where the Indonesian government made its first attempt at the mass tourism industry, building Bali Beach Hotel in 1964's, the most luxurious hotel at that time. The hotel burn down in 1993 but now has been restored even grander than before with the addition of a Balinese style roof. Now, Sanur become one of Bali's major tourist destinations that attract visitors tourists to enjoy its charm, daily life of Sanur villages, and an exotic panorama of beaches. Any kind of tourist facilities can be found in Sanur such as hotels, private guest houses, villas, spas and massage shops, any kind of restaurant, art shop that sells any kind of souvenir, or push bike rental.
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The charm of Sanur lies in the relative tranquility of its social schene. It is a resort for families or visitors wanting the right mix of beach and Balinese life. It also has the immense advantage of being much nearer inland tourist spots - just an hour from Ubud. Another advantage of Sanur is its quieter beaches, making it a favorite walking place. The main road passes inland, not along the beachfront itself. The beach varies from black sand in Padang Galak to white sand in the stretch from Inna Grand Bali Beach to Semawang. Further west, the coast turns to swamp before Suwung Village, the location of the small pier for travel to Serangan Island which now become joined with Bali mainland after reclamation. Serangan has developed into a popular resort area. Bellow is the name of beaches in Sanur from north to south such as:
  • Padang Galak Beach
  • Matahari Beach
  • Sanur Bali Beach
  • Sindhu Beach
  • Segara Ayu Beach
  • Karang Beach
  • Batu Jimbar Beach
  • Duyung Beach
  • Semawang Beach
  • Mertasari Beach
  • Pemelisan Beach
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What To Do in Sanur

If you planning to Bali trip and Sanur is one of your destinations during your holiday, please keep reading for some worth and favorites to do in Sanur.
  • Walking / Jogging along Sanur Beach.The Sanur Boardwalk is a paved walk that follows the beach and motorbike is not allowed to enter it with obstacle railing special for motorbike. You can use this walk as a beach spot scouting mission or just enjoy being by the water. Walk for as much or as little as you feel like. We have had no issue at any point of the walk to find a taxi, just head back towards the main road via Danau Tamblingan Street where you can do window shopping.
  • Window Shopping. Sanur's main shopping street is Jalan Danau Tamblingan and it is somewhat more peaceful than shopping in Kuta or Seminyak.. There are still a few hawkers about but they are not as aggressive except at the beach market. Sanur has an interesting variety of shops with lots of nice restaurants dotted in between, providing a great casual eating atmosphere. There is also an art market (Pasar Seni) with wood carvings and other handicrafts.
  • Diving. Sanur Beach is often used as a location to teach diving because of the proximity to the tourist areas, Sanur has some coral formations, sponges, and abundant colorful fish on the reef. There are few diving schools in Sanur. Courses from beginner to advanced levels are also conducted. The instructors can take you to dive in Nusa Penida, Tulamben, Shark Point, Amed, and Bali Barat National Park. There are also facilities for a variety of marine sports.
  • Relax on The Beach. Even though the beaches in Sanur may be referred to as Sanur Beach, it is a few beaches that make up this area of the coast. Some areas are more swimmable than others, but follow the boardwalk, find your spot and enjoy some beach time. It is a nice, relaxed beach to spend the day. Depending on where you stop, there should always be food, drinks, and toilets (in the restaurants) nearby.
  • Cycling / Push Bike. Cycling in Sanur is one of the very recommended activities to explore Sanur and Sanur Beach. Take the track from Padang Galak Beach follow the foot path or small road through Matahari Terbit Beach, Sanur Bali Beach, Shindu Beach, Segara Ayu Beach, Karang Beach, Batu Jimbar Beach, Duyung Beach, Semawang Beach, then finish at Mertasari Beach. This track is about 5,8 kilometers long and will take about 1 hour by cycling in idling time. Cycling in the morning is the best time, you can enjoy the sunrise with fresh air. Then cycling back to the start point via Danau Tamblingan Street. Another tourist will be cycling tour in Sanur in the afternoon and enjoy sunset time at Mertasari Beach as the finish point. Renting a push bike/mountain bike is easy, you can contact us, we provide high-quality mountain bikes at reasonable prices. Please visit this page, rent Push Bike
  • Swimming on the Beach. Sanur Beach is a popular beach for both locals and tourists from overseas. During weekend days or holidays, Sanur Beach will be busy with visitors. Families from Denpasar also will come to Sanur Beach to relax, swim, or do other activities just for a happy time. Children will be happy playing with white sand or playing with a kite. Swimming equipment for kind and children is available to be rented at a reasonable price belong by locals. You can use it during having time on the beach. During the school holiday and weekends, they can get good business.
  • Sunrise Prewedding. ake a sunrise photo shot in Sanur Beach often done by photographers with their clients, commonly couples who would like to have picturesque pre-wedding photos. If you would like to do so, you have to be already at Sanur Beach at about 5 in the morning, to give enough time for a make-up artist to do his/her job. When the sunrise is up, you have all ready to take a shot. Normally, the sunrise is at 6. On a cloudless morning, you will get an exotic picturesque sunrise with a white sandy beach and sea background. Mount Agung in a distance will be a bonus of beautiful panorama. Bali Rent has already many clients to do sunrise photo shots in Sanur Beach. If you do not stay in a hotel around the Sanur area, our driver will pick you up early in the morning, sometimes about 4.15 am, then drive to Sanur Beach and arrive around 5 am. Pick-up time could be flexible depending on your hotel location.
  • Water Sport. Bali's brilliant sea scenes, stunning beaches, and endless waves create the perfect atmosphere for the water sports industry to be born, grow, and thrive. Nothing completes your island adventure more than some daring water sports. Sanur Beach offers any kind of water sport that is suitable for you. Underwater of Sanur Beach is awesome and worth exploring. Seawalker is one of the options for those who do not have diving experience. Kite Surfing has now become popular in Mertasari Beach, south of Sanur. As the name suggests, kitesurfing is the activity (or attempt) of riding the waves not just with your surfboard, but also with a kite. That water sport is particularly in demand in Sanur, especially for beginners, because of the relatively calm break and consistent wind. Other sports like flying fish, banana, and donut boats, are also available on site.
  • Playing Kite. Padang Galak located in Sanur Kaja Village is one of the most popular places in Bali for playing kites. From August until November, the wind blows strong from east Bali, which is a good time to play kites. Usually, during this month, Bali Kite Festival will be held annually. Youngers with their family during weekend days will come to Padang Galak Beach to take a participant with any kind of kite.
Sanur is the original tourist area of Bali and has remained a relatively quiet and laid-back alternative to some of the more developed regions. Colorful outrigger canoes can be rented from the villagers for island hopping

How To Get Sanur

It will be a great experience to explore Sanur and its surroundings during the holiday trip to Bali. Staying a couple of days in Sanur is a good idea. Some retirement from overseas particularly European or Australians chooses hotel or villas in Sanur as their accommodation during their long stay in Bali. It is easy to get to Sanur, only about 30 minutes from Denpasar International Airport or Kuta / Seminyak by taxi or private transfer. Sanur also can be reached about 10 minutes from Denpasar. On weekend days, many local people do cycling from Denpasar to Sanur and back. If you stay in Ubud, Sanur can be reached about 1-hour drive via Batubulan Village, the Bali famous village with the performance of Barong and Keris Dance in the morning and Kecak Fire Dance in the evening. Sanur also can be reached from Nusa Dua for about 20 minutes via high way toll road which offers a panorama of Benoa Harbour, Benoa Bay, and surroundings. Traffic conditions to Sanur almost every day are busy as most transport or tour services that handle Ubud Tour, Kintamani Tour, or East Bali Tour will be passing Sanur. If you go to Padangbai, Amed, or Tulamben from Denpasar International Airport will pass By Pass Ngurah Rai Street, Sanur also. Many fast boat company that serves transfer to Nusa Penida Tour, Nusa Lembongan, or Nusa Ceningan Tour also anchored their fast boat in Sanur, Matahari Terbit Beach. They will also pick up their client in the morning and drop them at the pier. Rent a car either self drive or with driver is a good idea to get Sanur. Rent a car self drive give you a flexible time to explore Sanur as you want, you can make a day trip on your itinerary for pleasure. For those who want to relax and enjoy the trip, rent a car with a driver is the best choice. Just stay cool while seeing the surrounding panorama, choose the destination, and your driver will be happy to drive to it.

Rent a Car in Sanur

Will you stay in the Sanur area while your holiday in Bali? Renting a car in Sanur is easy now whether renting a car self-drive or with a driver. Some hotel in Sanur has a transportation counter in the lobby hotel that serves their in-house guests. This transportation or rent car business is owned by the hotel or their vendor. Normally the price will be sky price as the hotel will get some commission from the transaction. If you would like to rent a car in Sanur at a cheap and reasonable price, try our services. Bali Rent offer a wide selection of rental car fleet, available in manual gear or automatic transmission at cheap price. Our Bali driver will be more than happy to drive to your pleasure destination. Our driver is local Balinese and knows well about what Bali has to offer to the visitor, the countryside's breathtaking panorama as well as complementary information about Bali culture, way of life, and destination. If you are eager to drive by yourself, free car delivery and collection are offered for rent a car self drive in the Sanur area. Below is a list of rent car self drive fleets or with a Bali driver available to be rented:
Car Rental Type Self Drive Per Day Car + Bali Driver Car Charter 10 hours Car Charter Over Time
Suzuki Jimny USD 16 - - -
Suzuki Splash USD 23 USD 28 USD 35 USD 4
Toyota Agya USD 23 USD 28 USD 35 USD 4
Toyota Avanza USD 25 USD 30 USD 40 USD 5
Suzuki APV Minivan USD 25 USD 30 USD 40 USD 5
Toyota Innova USD 35 USD 45 USD 55 USD 6
Minibus 12 seats - - USD 60 USD 6

Term and condition:

  • Self Drive / Rent Car Self Drive is renting a car driven by yourself and having to own an international driving license. Free car delivery and collection to your hotel or villa in the Sanur area. There is no collection fee for drop off car in area of Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Jimbaran, Denpasar Airport Bali (DPS).
  • The minimum rent car self drive is two days.
  • Rent a car plus driver price is NOT including petrol/gasoline with duration service of 10 hours per day. An extra 10 percent per hour will be applied.
  • Car Charter = rent a car with driver included petrol /gasoline. Not including parking tickets, toll road tickets, entrance tickets at tourist destinations, etc.
  • Prices are valid for pick up point in Sanur area and finish point in area Denpasar Airport, Kuta, Sanur, Legian, Seminyak, Nusa Dua.
  • Car Charter, there will be a petrol surcharge traveling to the north or east part of Bali, Bali countrysides such as Gitgit, Lovina, Menjangan, Amed, Tulamben, Taman Ujung area, Lempuyang, and surrounding.
  • Special discounted rent car price will be offered for long term rental period.
Toyota Avanza Suzuki Splash Toyota Agya Suzuki Jimny Suzuki APV Minivan Toyota Innova Minibus 12 Seats
Charter 10 hours
Car + Driver
Self Drive
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