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Suzuki Splash / Toyota Agya only USD 35 per 10 hours per day
Toyota Avanza / Suzuki APV USD 40 per day duration 10 hours
Toyota All New Innova USD 60 per day duration 10 hours.
Isuzu ELF Microbus 12 seats USD 65 per day duration 10 hours
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Seminyak Bali Rent Car

Rent a car in Seminyak is easier. We provide car rental services with start and finish points in Seminyak or drop off in other locations. If you have good driving skills and experience driving in a developing country, you may think about renting a self-driving car in Bali for your transportation while in Bali. Free car delivery to Seminyak and best-discounted prices for long days rental are offered to you.

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What is Seminyak ?

Seminyak is a very developed village because of the impact of tourism development and has now turned into a small town. The village of Seminyak administratively belongs to North Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali Province. It used to be around 1990 before the tourism forward ordered like now, in Seminyak there were still a lot of green fields. However, stepping on in 2000 Seminyak changed drastically, development was very massive. The land conversion was inevitable, agricultural land was turned into tourist facilities such as hotels, villas, restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops and became crowded as it is now. Land prices become sky price also, and investors are flocking to build businesses here.

Where is Seminyak located?

The village of Seminyak is located north of Legian or Kuta and south of Kerobokan. If you arrive at Denpasar Airport Bai (DPS) and plan to stay at one of the hotels in the Seminyak area, it can be taken approximately 20 minutes by airport taxi with a range of around 10 km. The distance from Denpasar town to Seminyak is about 10 km and will take approximately 30 minutes in normal traffic. The location of Seminyak is east of Canggu. Seminyak has developed into an upper middle-class tourist destination with many private villas, five-star hotels, classy international restaurants, and shops selling branded items. All this makes Seminyak more crowded and traffic jams during the holiday season could not be avoided.
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What To Do in Seminyak ?

The most interesting thing that can be enjoyed in the Seminyak area is watching the sunset. Every day both locals and tourists gather at the beach or at some famous bars or beach clubs in Seminyak to enjoy the sunset. There are some great places to enjoy the sunset in Seminyak such as:
  • Petitenget Beach
    Petitenget Beach is one of the beaches which is included in the list of the best beaches in Bali that must be visited while a holiday trip. Slightly different from Kuta or Legian Beach, Petitenget Beach is not as busy as other tourist beaches in Bali. The beach, which is located between Berawa Beach and Legian Beach, does not have a wide road to access the beach which allows the big bus to come in. If visiting Petitenget Beach, we have to go through Kayu Aya Street or Laksamana Street (one-way street) which can only be passed by small cars and minibusses. But the parking facilities at Petitenget Beach are quite large and spacious. If you are on holiday, rent car self drive in Bali then visit Petitenget Beach, it is not difficult to park your vehicle. In the parking area, some shops sell souvenirs, clothes, local sim cards, and others. Simple food trade is also available that sells soft drinks and pork satay, a typical Balinese dish that is widely bought by residents. Of course, there is Pettitenget Temple with the graceful and sacred traditional architecture of Bali which became the name of this beach. Petitenget Beach is a white sandy beach with the exotic beauty of the sunset. Sitting on the beach while drinking soft drinks or playing on the beach at sunset is a favorite activity for visitors to do. In addition to an attractive sunset, Petitenget Beach has very high waves so it is suitable for surfing. Petitenget Beach is a white sandy beach with exotic beauty of the sunset. Sitting on the beach while drinking soft drinks or playing on the beach at sunset are favorite activity for visitors to do. In addition to an attractive sunset, Petitenget Beach has very high waves so it is suitable for surfing.
  • Kudeta
  • Potato Head
  • La Planca
Besides enjoying the sunset in Seminyak, there are some interesting things you can do. Seminyak develops as a middle-class tourist area offering many fun activities to fill holidays in Bali, including:
  • Morning Run on The Beach
    If you are vacationing in Bali and staying in one of the hotels around Seminyak, wake up early, and exercise running around Seminyak and Seminyak Beach while enjoying the atmosphere of the morning that is not so busy, the traffic is still quite worth a try. Next take a morning shower and breakfast while waiting for your driver to come to pick you up, do a tour or enjoy other tourist attractions. Holidays will feel more meaningful and enjoyable. Don't forget to rent the car here.
  • Window Shopping
    Seminyak has developed rapidly as one of the main tourist areas in Bali. Seminyak is a bit different from Kuta or Legian where in Kuta we easily find tourists dressed in tang tops or just dress casually while drinking a beer and walking in a small alley but none in Seminyak. Seminyak has developed into a tourism center in southern Bali from the middle to upper class. Various shopping areas were built and many souvenir shops flourished on the edge of the road. Many world designers or shops that sell classy or branded fashion, and souvenirs are available here. If you have a hobby of shopping and want to bring souvenirs home to your country, explore the streets of the Seminyak area where there are many quality and branded goods such as Jalan Kayu Aya, Jalan Seminyak, Jalan Laksamana, and surrounding areas. Various items are sold from souvenirs, tableware, fashion, and furniture. Happy shopping till dropping.
  • Learn To Surf
  • Enjoy Spa and Massage Treatment
    Although not like in the Kuta area, if you browse the streets of Kuta easily find spa and massage outlets at low prices, but in the Seminyak area, there are many classy spas and massages with good facilities. If you walk around window shopping in Seminyak, you feel tired, you will feel relaxed if you visit and enjoy a spa and massage or even just pedicure or manicure.
  • Enjoy Local Food
    Enjoy the special local food of the area visited while on vacation is worth a try. In addition to being able to taste local food, tourists also help the economy of local residents in the places we visit. If you stay in the Seminyak area, eat Babi Guling, suckling pig spin roasted, famous Balinese food is worth a try. One of them is Babi Guling Pak Malen which is located on Jl.Sunset Road, Seminyak. This sucking roasted pig is very tasty and yummy, the price is cheap. The meat is soft and spicy, very pronounced on the lips.
  • Dinner in Seminyak
    Since Seminyak began to develop in 2000's, many private villas and star hotels have been built, classy dining venues have also been built. Now, Seminyak has become an icon as a medium-class dining place. Many tourists who stay outside the Seminyak area such as Nusa Dua, Sanur or Jimbaran come to Seminyak just want to enjoy dinner at some well-known restaurants such as Warisan, Laluciola, Rumors, Maxicola and others. Why don't you try dinner at one of the famous restaurants. Inform your driver about the destination where the dinner, happily drive to the destination comfortably.

Rent a Car in Semiyak Bali

Living in the Seminyak area during a vacation in Bali will bring its memories. Plan your holiday trip to enjoy the beauty of Bali and its culture, with Seminyak as the start point. Determine the destination of the tourist routes to be visited along with the tourist attractions that you may enjoy. Next, book a rent car fleet for your convenient and safe transportation. Rent a car in Seminyak is getting easier because we provide car rental services for the Seminyak area.
We also provide a car for airport pick-up transfer to hotels in the Seminyak area with reasonable prices as well as charter car rental services, start points in Seminyak and finish points in Seminyak as well as in other areas such as Canggu, Legian, and Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Sanur without additional costs. If you have good driving skills, you may think about renting a self-driving car in Bali. We serve self-driving rent car in the Seminyak area with free delivery to your hotel or location. There are various types of rental car options, from standard cars to minivans available for rent. If you want to rent an automatic car, we also serve at cheap prices. Please see the list of rent car fleets that we can provide and of course excellent service and discounted prices we provide for customers who rent long-term period.
Car Rental Type Self Drive Per Day Car + Bali Driver Car Charter 10 hours Car Charter Over Time
Suzuki Jimny USD 16 - - -
Suzuki Splash USD 23 USD 28 USD 35 USD 4
Toyota Agya USD 23 USD 28 USD 35 USD 4
Toyota Avanza USD 25 USD 30 USD 40 USD 5
Suzuki APV Minivan USD 25 USD 30 USD 40 USD 5
Toyota Innova USD 35 USD 45 USD 55 USD 6
Minibus 12 seats - - USD 60 USD 6

Term and condition:

  • Rent car self drive is rent a car driven by yourself and having to own an international driving license. Free car delivery and collection to your hotel or villa in Seminyak or Denpasar International Airport Bali. Free car collections / drop off are also available in the area of Kuta, Legian, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, and Sanur.
  • The minimum rent car self drive is 2 days.
  • Rent a car plus driver price is NOT including petrol/gasoline with duration service of 10 hours per day. An extra 10 percent per hour will be applied.
  • Car Charter = rent a car with driver included petrol /gasoline. Not including parking tickets, toll road tickets, entrance tickets at tourist destinations, etc.
  • Prices are valid for pick up point in Seminyak area and finish point in Seminyak area or Denpasar Airport, Kuta, Sanur, Legian, Nusa Dua.
  • Car Charter, there will be a petrol surcharge traveling to the north or east part of Bali or Bali countryside such as Gitgit, Lovina, Menjangan, Amed, Tulamben, Taman Ujung area, Lempuyang, and surrounding. Contact us for detail.
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  • Free car delivery and collection in area of Denpasar Airport, Kuta, Sanur, Legian, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Canggu.
  • Cheap price with good services
  • Has more than 12 years of experience in the tourism transportation business.
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