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Bali Travel Tips - Bali Travel Advisory

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Bali Island being known as one of most favorite tourist destination in the world now is getting better in terms of hygiene and medical facilities. There are a lot of hospital as well as emergency clinic with an international standard service which can handle medical emergency with bilingual staff.
But we hope your traveling to Bali memorable. It is advised to have medical insurance before traveling to Bali. Best to have insurance that will evacuate you if you get terribly sick or have a serious injury and need airlifted to Singapore or home. Here are a couple of other common sense points that should keep you in good shape and enjoying your visit in Bali.
Since Bali has tropical climate, please drink plenty of fluids (water and fruit juices) to avoid dehydration. Drink bottled water ONLY - ice in drinks, however, is not a problem. Use common sense when choosing a place to eat. Eat in established restaurants that are clean and well patronized.
It is advised to bring along your a sufficient medication supply if you are using prescription drugs. Pharmacies (outlet in Indonesia called Apotiks) often can fill a prescription but the dosage may not be quite the same as your doctor has prescribed. (Also, while traveling keep your vital medication with you or in your carry on - in case your luggage is lost).
The temperature and humidity is high in Indonesia as well as in Bali. Take prompt care of any cuts or burns - do not risk infection in this heat and humidity. If you are sleeping in the open air, use mosquito repellent and a mosquito net. Malaria is not a problem in Bali. Do not forget to use sun block to protect your skin from sun burn.
Sightseeing Around
If you are traveling to Bali Island for a week or so, you might be tempted to rent a car and go out driving yourself around to explore Bali and it’s unique. Our advice: Don't - especially if you are coming from a country where driving on the right is the norm. When you put together pedestrians, bicycles, tour buses, trucks, livestock and assorted immovable objects in the middle of roads that are not well marked with traffic controls are often ignored and little - if any - enforcement of rules that may exist - you have yourself one of the most creative driving environments
First, forget about getting lost - that's the least of your concerns. If you have an accident and there is an injury to a local person you will not be able to leave until the matter is cleared up. Better to rent a car with a driver, enjoy the scenery and arrive at your favorite destination relaxed. It usually costs only about US$ 10.00 more per day to hire a driver with your rent car vehicle than without - so you are the judge, where you want to go the driver will escort to your destination safely.
Entering Temple and Ceremony
Bali Island is well known as island with thousand temples since about 90% of its population is Hindus. You can find elaborate carved temple throughout the island which interesting to explore inside. Hindus in Bali apply strict rules regarding temples and ceremonies. These rules mainly concern dress requirement and conditions of ‘cuntaka’ (taboo) such as menstruation or open wounds, bringing food into the temple, being physically or mentally ill, being in a state of mourning (for the Balinese this last 42 days), and having given birth within the past 42 days. Other rules need to be observed or asked for, especially during festivals.
Street Wise

The Balinese have a reputation as extremely honest people. If you lose the way when rent car for self drive, you can ask anybody in the street politely. Because of Bali Island live on tourism, so most of Balinese can speak a little bit English, so they will gladly show to you the way. Unfortunately, not everyone on Bali is Balinese and there has been an increase in petty crimes - especially in Kuta. Nonetheless Bali is still far, far safer than most large cities in this world.
Pickpockets, car break-ins and drive by bag snatching seem to be the most common complaints. To reduce your risk, use plain common sense and take the same basic precautions you would if you were visiting any big city. So, keep a tight grip on your purse or camera, Never leave any bags (whether valuable or not) unattended in your car, on the beach or by the pool, use the hotel safety deposit box, don’t go down dark deserted gangs (alleys) and don’t count money in the open. Not so hard...
On the flip side don't even think of committing a crime in Indonesia. You are a long way from home with far fewer rights than you think. Behave yourself and be a gracious and honest guest.

If you would like to enjoy your time out of hotel, please keep a little extra money handy. Money changer can be found in the airport or in the hotel as well as tourist destination. However the exchange rates in the hotel lower than the others but more secure. All tourists leaving Indonesia from Ngurah Rai International Airport have to pay an airport tax of Rp.100, 000. That said be advised that it is against the law to leave Indonesia with more than Rp.10, 000,000. Departure for domestic travel is also taxed though most of the time this has already been included in the ticket price - but every so often you are surprised... (And even if you're not you can always make a donation to the local Red Cross or charity due jour).
Shopping and Bargaining
All items in Bali Island are cheap compare with other country, so that way, most of people would like to spend their holiday in Bali. But for high class quality service and product have reasonable price.
Difficult for many first timers but once you get the hang of it you’ll never pay retail again! However, not everybody wants to bargain anymore. Many of Bali's finer retailers now refuse (price tags generally signify a fixed price) but bargaining is still the norm in the art markets, trinket and T-shirt shops. But don’t get cheesy. Nothing is more irritating nowadays than watching a well clad tourist trying to squeeze the last 1,000 Rupiah (about 10 US cents) out of a shopkeeper. Just remember how much it cost to get to Bali. So what is the value in not taking home that beautiful wood statue? Negotiate a good price and take home a good story.
Service and Tipping
Tipping is normal in tourism or service industry. Most large hotels and restaurants will automatically add a service charge of between 5 & 10 percent to your bill which is quite sufficient. Smaller restaurants generally don't add anything extra but considering that the waiter's wage may well is less than $10.00 a day - a tip of 10 percent is very much appreciated.
Other, Bellmen generally get Rp.10,000 - Rp.50.000 for a small to medium sized luggage and at least Rp.20,000 for those house trailers some people carry around. For taxi drivers, rounding up to the nearest Rp.50, 000 or depending on the length of trip is the norm. If you rent a car in Bali for an entire day it is good form to give the driver Rp.50, 000 - 100,000 for each meal and tips, (say Rp.50, 000) at the end of the day. With tour guides (split between the guide and driver will be more acceptable) up to you. Salaries are low in Bali and tips are an important means of earning a living. In Bali, tourism workers live on tipping.
Telecommunication in Indonesia as well as in Bali rapidly growth well over the last few years but patience is the keyword when trying to dial overseas from Indonesia - especially during office hours. Most better to use hotel’s International Direct Dialing (IDD) and Home Country Direct (HCD) services. Overseas calls can also be made at state-run telephone offices known as a wartel (warung telephone).Now days, there are no any more wartel available.
All telephone numbers listed herein are local numbers. To reach any number in Bali dial: International access code + 62 + 361+ (local number). Wherein "62" is Indonesia country code and "361" is the most common area code for Bali. Be advised most Bali telephone numbers are 6 digits some are still 5. Cellular service in Indonesia is GSM and CDMA. If you bring your own hand phone you may purchase a prepaid calling chip from any telephone operator’s distributor (cheaper than using your home country service). Most of the visitor can buy local sim card at phone shop that easy to be found. If you want to buy local sim card or data, you can ask assistance of your driver.
Need to get online? Both AT&T Global net & AOL have local access numbers on Bali. AT&T is 256-737 / AOL is 289-652. If you plan to be on Bali for a while and need to be connected there are several ISPs. The local phone company allows anyone access to its network without having to establish a user account or pay any set fees (the telecommunication operator makes its money by adding a 50% surcharge to its normal per minute tariff) making it easy to check your internet email (i.e.; Yahoo mail) on your laptop. To access dial 0809-89999 / username: telkomnet@instan / password : telkom.
But now a lot of hotel provides their service with Wifi which can be connected from your room. Check with your hotel staff for inquiry and assistance.

Indonesia applies GM (global Service for Mobiles) and CDMA. You can purchase prepaid calling cards at lower cost than calling on your home card. Major services are Telkomsel, Indosat, Pro XL. Look for outlet signs or banners with product variants and brand markings.
Rice is the staple food in Bali as well as the other part of Indonesia. It is often included in accompanying dishes and sometimes in soups. Chicken, beef and seafood are either steamed, braised stir and deep fried and even grilled over coconut husks. Chilly, coconut, garlic, ginger, saffron, lemon grass and several kinds of shrimp paste are just some of the ingredients that give Indonesian food its unique flavor. Lunch and dinner are served with a choice of main courses and vegetables, usually well spiced and aromatic, but do not too hot.
If you want to have an experience to enjoy Balinese food, please try a little bit until your stomach used to. Most of Balinese foods are spicy and hot.
Travel Insurance
Holidays, like everything else in life, occasionally take a wrong turn. It is highly recommended that all visitors ensure that they are covered in terms of travel insurance. We shall under no circumstances have any liability to hirer, any other occupier, licensee, or guest on the property for any loss of or damage to the personal belongings, car and its contents of the hirer or any member of the party during the holiday.
Have a plan and solution for yourself, your family and you’re traveling companions in case you get sick in Bali. Know how and who to call for help and Basic First Aid. Make yourself aware of the local medical facilities, i.e.: which are appropriate, how to get there and when to get there. If you are required medical evacuation knows how to activate this, who call, what to say and what to expect. Always travel with valid Travel Insurance and bring along your travel insurance representative office detail contact.

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