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Bali Cheap Rent Car Promo, Available Self Drive Manual and Automatic Gear

Promo rent car + driver + gasoline
Suzuki Splash / Toyota Agya only USD 35 per 10 hours per day
Toyota Avanza / Suzuki APV USD 40 per day duration 10 hours
Toyota All New Innova USD 60 per day duration 10 hours.
Isuzu ELF Microbus 12 seats USD 65 per day duration 10 hours
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Kuta Bali Rent Car

If you have good driving skills and are brave enough, rent a car self drive in Kuta is a thing for you otherwise rent a car with a driver is another option. Check our rent car price list below and get a special deal for early bird booking.

kuta bali indonesia

What is Kuta ?

Kuta nowadays is one of the small towns and is very popular as one of the favorite tourist destinations in Bali, Indonesia. Kuta before the 1960 era was a small village in the south part of Bali Island with a white sandy beach. Administratively, Kuta is a village and sub-district, belonging to Badung Regency, one of the richest regencies in Bali because of the tourism industry. Before popular as now, formerly, Kuta village and its beach was a fishing village whose existence was very tranquil. And Kuta Beach which has a length of about 1,500 meters white sandy beach was also used as a commercial and maritime port by royal kingdoms in Bali. Kuta and Kuta Beach have developed since 1960 when European tourists travel to Bali and admire the beauty of Kuta Beach with its wave and white sandy beach. Now, it has turned into an international small town equipped with the facilities and tourism-supporting infrastructure. Any kind of tourist facilities such as hotels, villas, private guest houses, spas, massages, art shops, shopping centers, bars, discotheques, nightclubs, tours agency, rent car and transportation services, bike rental, etc. are easy to be found here. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, problems are rising up. One of them is the traffic jam. Most of the roads in Kuta are narrow with heavy traffic either cars or motorbikes. Big bus is not allowed to enter Kuta Beach and surrounding as often making traffic jam. During the holiday season such as the Aid Mubarak holiday, the holiday in the middle of the year ( June until August), and the Christmas and New Year Holiday, traffic jam is a daily scene in Kuta, its peak will be at prior sunset time, most of the tourist would like to enjoy the exotic tropical atmosphere with sunset. Tourists flock to Kuta Beach. Tourism cars, minibusses, taxis, private cars, and motorbikes all are drive toward Kuta Beach.

Where is Kuta located?

Kuta has located just 1,5 km from Denpasar International Airport Bali (DPS) and take about a 5-minute drive under normal traffic condition. However, during the holiday season, traffic jam is a daily problem in Kuta. From Denpasar Airport to Kuta will take more than 15 minutes, even 30 minutes. If you decided to stay in one of the hotels in the Kuta area, take the airport Bali taxi transfer to your hotel will less than 20 minutes via Dewi Sartika Street which is one of the major streets in Kuta besides Kuta Beach Street. Kuta also can be reached from Sanur just take about a 30-45 minute drive and walking distance from the Legian area. Just for your information, if you had a plan to holiday in Bali with a large group and stay in one of the hotels around Kuta, think about transportation, bus with a capacity of more than 22 seats are not allowed to enter Kuta. Most of the streets are narrow, and some roads are single row traffic (one way).
sun bathing at kuta beach bali

What To Do in Kuta ?

  • Morning Run on The Beach
    Wake up in the morning around 6:30 and go out from your hotel area, running along Kuta Beach and vice versa is one of the most favorite activities that can be enjoyed. On weekend days, Kuta Beach is also vivid with locals who enjoy beach running, are very healthy with fresh air, entertained by the sound of waves and soft breeze. If you do not love running exercise, walking along the beach and playing on white sand are other options. Just try it alone or with your partner. Back to your hotel for taking a bath then enjoy breakfast. Maybe, your tour driver or your car is already waiting for you to take a tour.
  • Explore Kuta by Push Bike
    Some tourists who love adventure explore Kuta and its surrounding in their own way, rented push bike (bicycle) is commonly done by some visitors. Kuta and its surroundings have many lanes and narrow streets worth to be explored. Besides healthy exercise, you can enjoy Kuta's atmosphere and its panorama. Cycling in the morning or late afternoon is the best time in the Kuta area. You may start from the hotel, follow Dewi Sartika Street, then Kuta Beach street, continue to Legian Beach street until Seminyak then back to your hotel. Push the bike gently. Bali Rent also provides push bike rental with high-quality mountain bikes and will be delivered to your hotel as per request complete with helm and utensil (spare tire, tool, and pump).
  • rent push bike in kuta bali
  • Enjoy Spa and Massage Treatment
    Since Kuta is a top tourist destination in Asia, Kuta has rapidly developed to provide the tourist with facilities such as hotels, restaurants, bars, rent car and tour services, spas and massage. Every corner in Kuta or about 100 meters even in a small lane are easy to find a spa or massage outlet. After having a day tour or other adventure activities such as a cycling tour, rafting, ATV riding, or just walking along the street in Kuta for window shopping, enjoying a spa treatment is ideal. Come in for having Balinese traditional massage, reflexology treatment, pedicure, and manicure to release the tension and relax. You can choose the spa location depending on your budget. Spa and massage outlets located on both sides of the road are usually cheaper than spas located in the hotel area.
  • Sunset Drink on Kuta Beach
    The breathtaking exotic sunset view of Kuta Beach is very popular and become one of the awaited moments for visitors. Many tourists choose Kuta Beach as their destination in the late afternoon and enjoy the atmosphere. This makes the street toward Kuta Beach become crowded and jam as many cars and motorbikes drive. Take a long chair on the beaches which are available to be rented or pick out an ocean beachfront venue where you can sip a sunset cocktail or drink a cold beer while wandering the sun goes down on the beach until the night sky appears. It is a great panorama enchanting and become a memorable Bali holiday.
  • Enjoy Local Food
    Try to eat local food while the holiday in Bali will be a memorable experience. The staple food in Bali is white polished steam rice, which provides the perfect base for many Balinese dishes. Meats used in Balinese cooking are pork, chicken, duck, fish, and beef although some Balinese do not eat beef. Babi Guling or pig roasted on a spin, Ayam Betutu (chicken steam with soup and hot spicy), and Bebek Betutu (duck steam with soup and hot spicy) are popular and favorite. Explore the many flavors of Bali by sampling the food the Balinese enjoy. There is every opportunity to indulge as many of the more up-market restaurants and cafes now offer Balinese food, even food that was once only available from street charts and local warung / local food stalls. If you wander a little bit outside at the tourist center, the choices are endless.
  • Hunting Nightlife of Kuta
    After a day in the sun enjoying many activities Bali has to offer, you can then look forward to your evening whatever your tastes, desires, and dream. There are a lot of bars, cafes, and nightclubs located side by side on the main road of Kuta. The opening hours of nightspots vary but generally, the late evenings are best for nightclubbing. There is plenty of time to shower and relax after a hard day of sightseeing or sun tanning on the beach, time to enjoy sunset drinks followed by a leisurely dinner. Kuta's hustling and bustling nightlife are not for everyone, you may go, and see yourself whether you love it or hate it. If you hate it, just move to explore the other one.
  • Learn to Surf
    rent surf boatd at kuta beach bali
    Kuta to Legian stretch of beach is the most obvious place to start a surfing tour. Being the historical home of surfing in Bali, it is still one of the most popular surfing destinations for both beginners and experienced surfers. These waves can be very large at the time and there is often a strong undercurrent here, so although the condition may appear to be fine, caution should be exercised at all times. You can go to surfing school in Kuta Beach, rent boards, or just sit back and enjoy watching the great number of surfers and foreigners who flock to this particular location.
  • Shopping at Kuta Traditional Market
    There is a small art market at the entranceway to the Kuta Beach, nearby Kuta Square, and opposite Ramayana Hotel, the north end of Dewi Sartika Street. You can find a wide variety of goods including swimwear, sarong, clothing, artwork, leather goods, cassettes, CDs, and jewelry. Prices are here negotiable so you can try your best negotiation skill, having chatted with locals is a great moment. Buy some souvenirs at a traditional market and bring them back home to your country which means you support the local economy. Please support local businesses.

Rent a Car in Kuta Bali

Would like to rent a car in Kuta, Bali? There are so many tours and transportation counters that offer rent cars and transportation services in Kuta. Many hotels have a tour and transportation desk, offering any kind of full-day or half-day tour, water sport activities, adventure activity, ticket, as well rent car self drive. Rent a car in Kuta is easy to find, even in the street in front of your hotel, there are hawkers to offer it. He will say "transport...., transport or taxi, taxi please". The price is surely negotiable, commonly sky price and down to the deal. However, rent a car at the last minute of your trip can trap on price. Wise word is, to plan your itinerary in Bali and book a car in advance prior to your arrival in Bali. This can help you to enjoy your Bali trip or holiday memorable Bali Rent provide a wide range of rent car fleet for your transportation in Bali whether for sightseeing, meeting, wedding, or conference. Our rent cars are available for self drive and rented with a Bali driver, for half-day or full-day trips. If you are feeling brave and adventurous, and have driving skills well, rent a car self drive in Kuta is the thing for you. You will need an international driving license to rent a car self drive in Bali. The type of car available for renting self-drive is a small car to the van which can accommodate 6 passengers. The car fleets are available in manual gear and automatic gear. An Automatic car rental price is a bit more expensive than a manual car. Let's check our rent car list below and grab a special offer for renting a car with start and finish point in the Kuta area.
Car Rental Type Self Drive Per Day Car + Bali Driver Car Charter 10 hours Car Charter Over Time
Suzuki Jimny USD 16 - - -
Suzuki Splash USD 23 USD 28 USD 35 USD 4
Toyota Agya USD 23 USD 28 USD 35 USD 4
Toyota Avanza USD 25 USD 30 USD 40 USD 5
Suzuki APV Minivan USD 25 USD 30 USD 40 USD 5
Toyota Innova USD 35 USD 45 USD 55 USD 6
Minibus 12 seats - - USD 60 USD 6

Term and condition:

  • Rent a car self-drive is renting a car driven by yourself and having to own an international driving license. Free car delivery to your hotel or villa in the Kuta area, drop off location can be a Denpasar International Airport, Seminyak, Legian, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, or Sanur without a collection fee.
  • The minimum rent car self drive is 2 days.
  • Rent a car plus driver price is NOT including petrol/gasoline with duration service of 10 hours per day. An extra 10 percent per hour will be applied.
  • Car Charter = rent a car with driver included petrol /gasoline. Not including parking tickets, toll road tickets, entrance tickets at a tourist destination, etc.
  • Prices are valid for pick up point in Kuta area and finish point in Kuta area also or Denpasar Airport, Jimbaran, Sanur, Legian, Seminyak, Nusa Dua.
  • Car Charter, there will be a petrol surcharge traveling to the north or east part of Bali or Bali countryside such as Gitgit, Lovina, Menjangan, Amed, Tulamben, Taman Ujung area, Lempuyang and surrounding.
Toyota Avanza Suzuki Splash Toyota Agya Suzuki Jimny Suzuki APV Minivan Toyota Innova Minibus 12 Seats
Charter 10 hours
Car + Driver
Self Drive
time (date/month/year)

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Why choose Bali Rent as your car rental partner in Bali?
  • Wide range of car rental fleet with good maintenance.
  • Easy booking and fast respond
  • Free car delivery and collection in area of Denpasar Airport, Kuta, Sanur, Legian, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Canggu.
  • Cheap price with good services
  • Has more than 12 years of experience in the tourism transportation business.
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